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Generate a library of UI components in minutes with AI Agent

UiHub is a repository for a collection of UI components powered by AI. Create your own custom library of UI components for your project or ask an AI to do the job for you.

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UiHub dashboard
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Streamline your frontend development faster for your project

UiHub leverages AI and TailwidnCSS design framework to help create a library of copy-and-paste friendly UI components. Browse for thrid-party UI libraries OR speed up by creating your own libraries of reusable UI components that are most helpful for your projects.

Playground for your TailwindCSS and HTML UI components.

Directly implement TailwindCSS / HTML code in the editor to see the realtime preview of your component. Easily save the component to your UI library.

Design system

Configure your branding, font and color tokens. See the realtime preview of your UI components in your own brand.

Team Members

Enhance collaboration and streamline your project workflow by inviting team members to the project.


Prompt and chat with AI to create a new UI components easily. Then edit in our code editor to finish it up.

Task AI agent to create UI components for your project

Let AI agent know a brief description of your new shiny project you are going to work on. AI agent will figure out what components to be created or you may add more components in the list. Then, relax and chill for 5 minutes before your UI library is ready.

Collect and store UI components for reusability

UiHub is a repository for your UI components. Store UI components from TailwindCSS or Figma for your projects that you can reuse it as easy as just copy and paste.

Supercharge UI workflow for your clients

Whether you are a freelancer or an agency, UiHub helps Figma designers and frontend developers to collaborate better to deliver your UI project to your clients. Store Figma UI components and the implementations all in one place.

Ready to speed
things up?

Start creating and storing all of your reusable UI components in one platform for your next design and development projects.